Payments Education On-Demand

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With on-demand learning, your employees can log onto online courses anytime, any day, from anywhere. Our library will provide you with the core curriculum you need to train your staff on-demand!

Internet based classes combine a visual slide presentation with presenters voice streaming. Each webcast includes downloadable reference materials and can be accessed at a time that best suits your team. Project the webcast in a conference room and you can train multiple members of your staff for a single, low-cost registration fee.  Your purchase will be viewable throughout the calendar year.

Webcast Benefits:

  • Training happens when and where you want it.
  • Options for Single or Multiple Viewings.
  • No travel expense.

On Demand Sessions available 48 hours after the live recording date.

Government Payments

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I Want To Be An AAP!!

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The Importance of Payment Expertise

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Return Fee Entries and Reinitiated Entries

Members Only

Best Business Practices & Risk Controls Retail Payments

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Top 3 Member Questions: Exceptions, Reclamations and IATs

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Check Mate (Check Basics RCC & NCP)

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Third Party Sender Registration Briefing

Regulation CC Quick Review

Same Day ACH Recap

Account Disclosures- What payment info is needed?

2018 Payments Rules Update

ACH Beginner Webinar Series

ACH Fundamentals Webinar Series

ACH Origination - Start Up Lab

ACH Origination - Building Your Education Program

ACH Origination - Audit Your Origination Customers

Advanced ACH Series

Banks Competing with P2P Technology

Check Exceptions - Returns and Adjustments

Compliance Mini Webinar Series

Credit Underwriting for ACH & RDC Customers

Effectively Setting and Monitoring ACH and RDC Exposure Limits

EMV Liability Update

Fighting Cyber Crime While Balancing Security and Convenience

Government Payments - Know Your Responsibilities!

Interchange Series

NCP Exam Prep Series- Check Fraud, Risk & Mitigation (Part 1)

NCP Exam Prep Series- Check Fraud, Risk & Mitigation (Part 2)

NCP Exam Prep Series- Check Products

NCP Exam Prep Series- Exceptions, Returns & Adjustments

Payments Fraud - Risk and Risk Mitigation Part II

Regulation E - Debit Card

Regulation E- Card Disputes and Liability

Same-Day ACH - The Debits Are Coming

Stop Payments vs Authorization Revoked - Reg E and ACH Rules

Taking Charge of Chargebacks

Tax Refunds & Exceptions

Third Party - Know Your Customer

Top Ten ACH Audit Exceptions & Solutions

Unauthorized Entries - Before and Beyond the 60 Days

Understanding Credit Card Processing

Underwriting Guidelines for ACH and RDC Customers